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From uniforms to tactical gear, Alexium solutions ARE DESIGNED FOR today’s military personnel.


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Alexium’s 2009 partnership with the U.S. Air Force to refine Reactive Surface Treatment (RST) technology became the genesis of a long and productive opportunity to design flame retardant solutions for the military. From uniforms to backpacks, tents to tactical gear, Alexium solutions are designed to safeguard military personnel around the world.

Alexium continues to refine and test RST, and has also pioneered new chemistry solutions for multiple military applications. Through research, knowledge of evolving military needs and specifications, and the commitment to work on U.S. military projects, Alexium has become a top developer for chemistry solutions for military applications.

Chief among these is Alexiflam FR, developed to provide a durable and eco-friendly solution for the ever-evolving nylon-cotton uniforms used by the military. Alexium continues to push boundaries within military fabric finishing by also supplying solutions for nylon, cotton, polyester, and blends for use in tents, backpacks, uniforms, tactical gear, and accessories.

Ideal Alexium product for the Military industry:

Alexiflam FR


In the home and around the world, Alexium protects lives and property.

Automotive and Transportation


Can be applied to wood, cotton, and natural fiber blends. Low weight and maintenance of inherent fabric properties make this an ideal application.

Ideal Alexium products for the transportation industry:

AlexiFlam FR | AlexiFlam AD

Outdoor Fabrics


Our products can be applied to 100% acrylic, polyester and nylon fabrics, such as awnings, tents and furnishings.


Ideal Alexium products for the outdoor industry:

AlexiFlam SYN | AlexiFlam PB | AlexiFlam AD

Bedding and Decorative Fabrics


Our Alexiflam product is mainly used for topical flame retardant treatments, pad and back-coating applications and foaming.
Our custom-developed flame retardant treatments ensure minimal disruption to the characteristics of the original product, such as durability and softness.

Unlike the Alexiflam solutions, many existing fillings and textiles materials used in this industry are flammable and prone to dirt and dye transfer.


Ideal Alexium products for the home furnishings industry:

AlexiFlam FR | AlexiCool

Plastics/Resins/Coatings and Polymers


Many coatings and polymers used in manufacturing are vulnerable to fire and heat, and the use of toxic flame retardants is common in the non-textile market. Seeing an opportunity for new FR applications and growth in an uncrowded competitive market, Alexium developed Alexiflam-SYN-FILL for use in composites, adhesives, laminations, resins, films and coatings.

Potential end uses include molded plastics, building construction and industrial fibers and cabling.

Ideal Alexium product for the plastics & resins industry:

AlexiFlam SYN


Alexiflam FR

Product Overview
Alexiflam FR is a flame retardant for synthetic and synthetic-blend fabrics that is applied via aqueous solutions. A halogen-free, phosphorus-based flame retardant supplied as an O/W emulsion.

Alexiflam FR is used on nylon/cotton (NyCo) fabric blends with a higher percentage of cotton. Flame retardation of higher percentage nylon compositions has been studied for many years, but has proven difficult to achieve. Various segments of the US military have actively sought flame retardant technologies for 50/50 nylon cotton, as is widely used for uniforms.

Benefits & Features:

  • Few options for fabrics with high synthetic content. Alexiflam FR was developed to fill this gap
  • Affordable, effective and practical add-on FR solution
  • Used for bedding, automotive, work-wear, military/first-responder uniforms
  • TSCA compliant and REACH registered
  • Applied via standard textile equipment
  • Durable application of phosphorus-based finish
  • Compatible with a range of fabric constructions, weights, camouflage prints, and finishes
Alexiflam NF
Product Overview
Alexiflam NF is an innovative flame retardant treatment for cotton and cotton-blends with reduced processing costs vs. other established FR cotton methods. A reactive, halogen-free phosphorus-based product provides an effective and durable (50+ washes) flame retardant treatment.

Benefits & Features:

  • Simplified production process; requires no ammonization chamber
  • Relies on standard textile finishing equipment
  • Used in work-wear, apparel and upholstery
  • Polymer-exempt under REACH
Product Overview
Alexicool is a cost-effective chemical finish for fabrics that absorb heat while providing a cool-to-the-touch feel. A wash-durable application of phase-change material (PCM) with a high heat capacity.

Benefits & Features:

  • Designed for bedding and apparel fabrics for improved comfort
  • Provides a durable PCM finish at a practical cost
  • Low cost; high heat capacity; wash durability (25+ cycles)
  • Used in bedding and apparel
  • TSCA registered & REACH pre-registered
Alexiflam PB
Product Overview
Alexiflam PB is a next-generation, halogenated flame retardant that provides effective FR with an environmentally friendly, non-toxic product.

Benefits & Features:

  • Developed with core formulations to offer a safe alternative for the new regulatory landscape of flame retardants
  • Proven ecological/toxicological benefits; Oeko-Tex registered; cost effective
  • Used for outdoor fabrics
  • TSCA registered & REACH registered
Alexiflam AD
Product Overview
Alexiflam AD is a novel combination of synergistic flame-retardants for effective treatment of a wide range of fabric blends and constructions. A synergistic combination of non-halogenated products for applying effective flame retardant back-coatings.

Benefits & Features:

  • Provides effective flame retardancy for traditionally difficult substrates
  • Low add on required; cost effective
  • Used in automotive industry and outdoor fabrics
  • TSCA registered & REACH registered