Alexium Adds New Client

Serving the Bedding Industry

Alexium today announced the sale of flame retardant, cooling phase change material to a new client that serves the sleeping product industry, and entry into new major markets with the Company’s technology.

“Alexium is now in production or full-scale trials with six global mattress fabric finishers,” said Nicholas Clark, CEO, Alexium, “and for the first time, a major manufacturer in apparel is evaluating our flame retardant phase change material technology. Alexium’s traction as we capture increasing share of the bedding industry and penetrate new markets such as apparel shows the flexibility and functionality of our chemical solution; this is a clear market need that Alexium uniquely satisfies.”
The newest client for Alexium in the bedding-related industry is a U.S. based textile finishing operation. This customer recently purchased Alexium’s innovative flame retardant phase change material (FR/PCM) solution, and the initial shipment has been delivered. This client addition follows Alexium’s announcement on May 23 that Alexium had reached a sales agreement with one of the largest global producers of mattress ticking. Work with this client is progressing well; shipments have been sent to the customer’s U.S. operations and will go to the European operations in mid-June.

Representatives of Alexium’s sales and product development teams are working with a major apparel brand to bring Alexium’s combination of PCM and FR technology to their offerings. Alexium’s chemistry is environmentally friendly, keeps fabrics cool, and preserves the feel of the fabric.

“In addition to our sales to the bedding market, Alexium is making significant inroads into the apparel industry and linens, a new segment of the home furnishings industry for us,” said Dirk Van Hyning, President, Alexium.

“We are well capitalized to meet our new client’s expectations whilst maintaining our existing accounts.” said Dirk Van Hyning, President, Alexium