Alexium CEO, Dirk Van Hyning, Announces New Investor Communications Methods Via Webcast

Perth, Australia and Greer, South Carolina– August 16th, 2017- Alexium International Group Limited (“Alexium,” “the Company,” ASX: AJX, NASDAQ Designation: AXXIY) announces an additional avenue of communication to shareholders via regular webcasts in the letter below:

“One of my goals as CEO is to improve the communication between the company and shareholders.  Over the past couple of years, Alexium has struggled to communicate the complicated and sometimes messy process of building a business, particularly in the pre-revenue phase we were in.  Starting next week, I will be conducting the first of a series of webcasts, where you, the shareholders, will determine the message.  You will have the chance to submit any questions you have about the business, and I, along with key leaders of Alexium, will do our best to provide clarity regarding the topics you want to hear about most: our products, recent successes, market dynamics, etc.  My goal is to maximize information flow and shareholder understanding, within the bounds of our reporting obligations in an informal shareholder-friendly manner.

The first webcast will take place on Wednesday, August 23rd at 8:30 am Sydney Time.  Please pre-register for the webcast by clicking here. We will begin accepting questions through the Alexium website or at: beginning 30 minutes prior to the webcast, and we will continue to accept questions throughout the event.  The webcast will last 60 minutes and we will get to as many questions as we possibly can.

I look forward to the dialogue to come.


Dirk L. Van Hyning, Ph.D.
Alexium CEO”



US Contacts:

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Chief Executive Officer

Mark Wise
Vice President, Investor Relations

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