Perth, WA and Greer, SC -July 6th, 2010-  Alexium International Group Limited (Alexium) (ASX: AJX) is pleased to announce the first sales to the US Department of Defence (DoD) of textiles treated with the company’s patented Reactive Surface Treatment (“RST”).


Following the recent selection of the Alexium RST technology as a finalist for the Joint Firefighters Integrated Response Ensemble (“JFIRE”), the company has received an order from the DoD for additional Cleanshell-treated fabric materials. These multi-functional fabrics will be sewn into suits for field trials on human subjects and additional evaluation at North Carolina State University for the DoD.


Separately, the company has received an order from the DoD for the supply of a range of Alexium treated multi-functional, woven and knitted fabrics for demonstration in the next generation Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology (“JSLIST”) protection system.

Since 1993, JSLIST has consolidated the chemical and biological clothing protection requirements of the US Marines, US Navy, US Air Force and the US Army. The resulting performance standards have been adopted not only by the US armed forces but also by many other governments for both military and civilian applications. It is estimated that several million ‘JSLIST type’ suits are currently in service around the world with military personnel, law enforcement agencies and emergency first responders.

The US Army’s Natick Soldier Centre (web address:, the Defence Threat Reduction Agency (web address: and other United States governmental agencies are currently preparing the next generation JSLIST system. It was research, funded as part of this program, which resulted in the invention and development of the Alexium “RST” technology.

Bob Brookins, Chief Technology Officer of Alexium commented “These materials have set new standards for us as the production runs produced even better surface treatments than earlier lab scale samples and have exceeded our expectations. External tests confirmed that the treated fabrics not only demonstrated superhydrophobicity but also superphobicity against chemical warfare agent simulants, as well as repelling numerous other liquids such as diesel, kerosene, dimethyl sulfoxide and hydraulic fluid. As part of our extensive testing for durability, the treated fabrics have been immersed in boiling water for ~ 1 hour without showing any signs of degradation.”

Both orders required a rapid turnaround and treatment has now been completed with materials shipped to meet the respective demanding schedules.

Commercial Sector Significance

Steve Ribich, CEO of Alexium commented “These sales also demonstrate to our prospective commercial partners, the capability of the RST technology for textiles under demanding military conditions and requirements, leading to enhanced commercially available products and new products which are both better performing and environmentally beneficial from lower energy use in production and less maintenance whilst in use, than currently available treatments”

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