• Alexium secures Chinese patent rights.
  • Alexium obtains ability to expand in China without competition.
  • Alexium increases its patent portfolio to reach out to global marketplace.

Perth, WA and Greer, South Carolina, Alexium International Group Limited (Alexium) (ASX:AJX, AX:AJX, OTC QX:AXXIY) announced today that the Chinese patent office has accepted for patent grant Alexium’s “Method for Attachment of Silicon-containing Compounds to a Surface and for Synthesis of Hypervalent Silicon-compounds” (Chinese Patent Application No: 200680033595.4). The Chinese patent award follows patents in Europe, the U.K., Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Additional patent applications are pending in other global territories.

China is an important market with growing sophistication in smart textile and materials. The textile industry continues to be one of China’s pillar industries and commands more than 15% of the nearly USD 400 billion global textile market. Chinese textiles exports have quadrupled since the year 2000, and China is now the world’s largest exporter of textile products, with about 30%
global market share at over USD 76 billion.

With its Reactive Surface Treatment (RST) technology, Alexium is addressing global market gaps in textile applications, building materials, composite fabrics, and other materials that require high-end performance, environmentally friendly chemistries, and/or novel microwave curing methods. Alexium’s RST technology allows for the treatment of a wide range of materials, including those with chemically inert surfaces, textiles, composites and building materials – imparting water and oil repellency, antimicrobial, flame protection, or other functions using an energy efficient microwave process.

“The growing IP portfolio is strengthening Alexium’s ability to expand into key markets around the globe. Combined with improving financials and the commercial roll-out of its novel flame retardant chemistry, Alexium is well positioned for a very successful year.” remarked Nicholas Clark, Chief Executive Officer.




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