Perth, WA and Greer, SC -September 14th, 2010-  Alexium International Group Limited (Alexium) (ASX: AJX) (AX: AJX) is pleased to announce an initial order from the US Department of Defence for advanced protective textiles treated with the company’s patented Reactive Surface Treatment (“RST”). The purchase order is for a supply of RST treated materials to be tested by US Special Forces.

The RST process is being applied to textiles that up till now have not been possible to treat by conventional textile technologies. The order follows on from recent technical demonstrations and supply of samples by Alexium of this material treated using RST. More extensive testing will be conducted by US Special Forces over the next few months. “This is the first time that we have attempted to apply this new function to such a challenging material” commented Alexium’s CEO Steve Ribich. “We have achieved what has not been possible by conventional textile finishing treatments. This is further evidence of the unique capabilities of our RST technology to alter the surface properties of a broader range of materials to give valuable new and enhanced functionalities”.

This new order is for a specialist application. Alexium believes that this latest development will have significant commercial implications for the broader textile industry.

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