Perth, WA and Greer, SC -March 29th, 2010-  Alexium International Group Limited (ASX: AJX)

is pleased to announce that the Materials and Manufacturing Directorate, US Air Force Research Laboratories (“AFRL”) Tyndall, Florida have successfully demonstrated Alexium’s patented Reactive Surface Treatment (“RST”) for low rate initial production.

Using equipment provided through Alexium, AFRL successfully used RST in a low rate production test designed to demonstrate commercial scalability of the RST treatment to modify a variety of US Department of Defence (DoD) textiles to embody the materials with new or improved functionalities.

Alexium Chief Executive, Steve Ribich said “One of the key remaining challenges has been to ensure that the RST technology is both scalable for commercial production and able to be easily transitioned into commercially viable products”. Mr Ribich added “We are delighted but not surprised with the rapid progress made by AFRL, given our experience with microwave synthesis. This effort provides us with more detailed information both on energy and chemical use as well as treatment speeds, all of which are critical elements when preparing a new technology for widespread deployment in industry.”

The equipment is now being relocated from the AFRL labs to a dedicated Alexium facility, which will produce larger quantities of textiles under various US DoD development programs for field demonstration. It is expected that this facility will also service the needs of prospective textile customers who have expressed an interest in Alexium’s RST for wider textile applications including filters, furnishings and specialised performance apparel and work wear.

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