Three New Board Appointments, Planned Retirement of Chair in 2018, Additional Changes to Office Holders


Perth, Australia and Greer, South Carolina- 13th November 2017- Alexium International Group Limited (“Alexium,” “the Company”) ASX: AJX, NASDAQ Designation: AXXIY, announces that Claire Poll and Susan Thomas have been appointed as independent Non-Executive Directors with effect from 10 December 2017 and that CEO, Dr. Dirk Van Hyning has been appointed as Managing Director, on the same terms as his current CEO Services Agreement.

Dr. Dirk Van Hyning
Ph.D M.S. Chem. Eng. B.Sc.
This appointment recognizes the achievements of Dr. Dirk Van Hyning in managing the growth of the Company. Dr. Van Hyning joined the Company in 2013 as Senior Research Scientist and earned subsequent promotions to Head of Product Development and Commercial Transition, President in October 2014, Deputy CEO in February 2017 and CEO in July 2017. During this time, Dr. Van Hyning has gained experience in all aspects of the company’s business, demonstrated strong leadership and strategic skills and is well equipped to meet the Company’s financial growth targets.

Prior to joining Alexium, Dr. Van Hyning was with Milliken Research Corporation, a global innovation company, where he began as a Research Engineer in 1999 and earned subsequent promotions to Project Management Leader and Senior Development Engineer-Military and Protective Business. Dr. Van Hyning received his Ph.D. and M.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from North Carolina State University. Dr. Van Hyning has received several honors and awards, including the Hans Kuhn Award for Outstanding Technology Commercialization and also holds four patents.

Gavin Rezos, Non-Executive Chairman stated, “on behalf of my fellow Directors, I congratulate Dirk on this appointment and look forward to his service on the Board in addition to his CEO responsibilities.”

Claire Poll
Claire Poll is an experienced corporate director having led, over the past 20 years, strategy and corporate development for startup technology companies through to large multi-billion dollar companies in Australia, the UK and more recently the US as a Founding Executive for the October listing of Verona Pharma plc (Nasdaq:VRNA) for which Poll “rang the bell”.

Poll, who originally qualified as a solicitor in Western Australia, has worked as a Director, general counsel and as a company secretary in public listed companies in the US, UK and Australia in the areas of venture capital, mobile satellite communications, internet services, software and biopharmaceuticals. Poll, who is based in Perth WA, stated her corporate career with Burns Philp Company Limited, the diversified global company involved in food manufacturing, shipping and general trading.

Poll also holds a post graduate diploma in Applied Corporate Finance, M&A and Advanced Industrial Equity Analysis.

Susan Thomas
Sue Thomas has demonstrated a successful career as a technology entrepreneur, executive coach and governance specialist having established and grown Flexiplan before selling that company to MLC (now National Australia Bank) after originally qualifying in law as a solicitor in New South Wales. Thomas also has experience in capital markets, corporate strategy, governance and risk and is currently Chair of the Audit & Risk Committee of PEXA Limited and of Temple & Webster Limited (ASX:TPW). She is also a Director of Westpac subsidiaries in the financial services sector, including BT Portfolio Services and ASGARD Capital Management, and a Director of royalty company, Fitzroy River Holdings Limited (ASX:FZR).

Previously, Thomas was a Director and Chair of Audit and Risk at Grant Thornton Australia Limited from 2011 to 2016. Based between Sydney and Perth, Thomas has also been a Senior Executive Coach since 2011 at Foresight Global Coaching having successfully coached C Suite executives at ASX top 50 companies.

Board Skills Matrix
Non-Executive Chairman, Gavin Rezos stated “The appointment of Claire and Sue strengthens the depth of our Board with proven Australian based Directors with relevant skills and experience in helping technology companies manage rapid growth and in capital markets, cross border transactions, M&A, corporate governance and ASX publicly listed companies”.

According to Rezos, “these appointments add to the current board skills across our key areas of consumer protection, dealing with US Federal and US State Government policy and regulation and the military sector. Additionally, the appointed individuals aid our understanding of market drivers, such as the recent US Consumer Product Safety Commission decision to ban toxic fire retardants and the further advancement of our defense sector aims. Lastly, Dr. Van Hyning adds chemical engineering and manufacturing experience to our Board.”

Rezos further stated “These three new appointments to our Board adds valuable additional skills to best serve the interests of all our shareholders, customers and employees as our business continues to expand underpinned by growing margins, cash generation and a depth of products in our core environmentally friendly chemicals space across fire retardants and phase change materials.”

The Alexium Board comprising Gavin Rezos, Chair, Dr. Dirk Van Hyning, Brigadier General Steve Cheney, Craig Metz, Claire Poll, former US Congresswoman Karen Thurman and Sue Thomas now represents a 43% diversity, or 50% diversity based on Non-Executive Directors alone.

Planned Future Retirement of Chair
Rezos also stated that after more than seven years as Chairman, helping the company to grow from initial technology development to now commercializing its environmentally friendly fire retardants and phase change materials products, that he will step down in May 2018. The Company entered the commercialization phase in 2015 and is now well on the way to becoming a successful high growth technology company with market demand driven products.

Rezos said “The process of Board succession and renewal form an essential part of the growth cycle of every successful technology development company, to keep the company at the leading edge and performing to its full potential as it grows larger and faces different challenges and opportunities.”

Company Secretarial
Kevin Kye, the Board’s Australian-based part time company secretary will be stepping down as the position moves to a full-time role to provide greater support to Dr. Van Hyning as Managing Director. The Board initiated a search with recruitment consultants to fill this expanded role, which is likely to be based in Sydney or Perth. A further announcement will be made in due course when an appointment is made and until then Kye will continue ably serving the company.

Board Fee Pool
The current shareholder approved aggregate pool fee across all non-executive directors for board and committee fees provides sufficient capacity for the two additional non-executive director appointments.

US Contacts:

Dirk Van Hyning
Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Mark Wise
Vice President, Investor Relations

• Two new Australian based Independent Non-Executive Directors appointed
• CEO Dr. Dirk Van Hyning appointed as Managing Director
• Chair Gavin Rezos to retire in May 2018
• New Company Secretary to be appointed